GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Career Guide

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Know Your Place

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers simplified GURPS character creation for hack 'n' slash gaming. Then 35 supplements came along – plus dozens of issues of Pyramid – and vastly expanded heroic career options. "More is better" is the delver's motto, but deciding what role to play shouldn't feel like a puzzle for the players to solve before the characters can open the dungeon door.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Career Guide indexes all the stuff in detail. It lists every profession from every GURPS Dungeon Fantasy or Pyramid title to date. For each, it offers a brief description and then extensive page references to its basic template, alternate templates, lenses, and special abilities (skills, spells, powers, allies, and power-ups), not to mention the location of key gear, discussions of social traits, and sample characters. And handy boxes cover general lenses, hireling templates, and matching adventurers to adventures.

The party might have a wizard . . . but does it have a material enchanter Iron Mage-artificer?

Written by Sean Punch