GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 9: Summoners

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The awesome eldritch energies harnessed by those who can summon allies from thin air should never be used for deeds as frivolous dungeon-crawling expeditions – unless there is the promise of really good loot. Dungeon Fantasy 9: Summoners details the amazing abilities of those who can bring powerful beings into the world. Anyone who seeks to tap the natural and unnatural realms in a Dungeon Fantasy game will find much to covet herein:

  • Four new templates for those more than able to delve into dungeons: the demonologist, the elementalist, the necromancer, and the shaman.
  • Detailed stats for spirits and servitors that can be brought forth: ghosts, guardians, undead, elementals, angels, demons, and more – 18 in all.
  • Dozens of lenses and customization notes for most of these otherworldly allies. Learn how the "Lord of the Tides" differs from a regular water elemental!
  • Detailed campaign advice and adventuring ideas that help the GM fully incorporate summoners into the campaign.
  • New rules that better reflect the power and peril of summoning.

These fundamental forces of the universe are waiting to be commanded by anyone willing and able to seize them. But be careful: With Dungeon Fantasy 9: Summoners, the difference between life and death could be in keeping good spirits.

Written by Phil Masters