GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables

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In a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign, there's no such thing as "too much treasure" . . . but over 80 trillion possible treasures should last a while!

Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables contains everything you need to deck your halls – and dungeons, towers, and arcane temples – with goodies. Ample tables (almost 50 of them!) let you generate treasures randomly – or semi-randomly, if you have something more specific in mind. Or ditch the dice and use some or all of this stuff as a huge "shopping list" for delvers who already have loot but nothing to spend it on. In the chest you'll find:

  • Dungeoneering Gear: From maps and books that tell you where the treasure is, through mighty weapons and armor for defeating its guardians, to handy tools to help you get at that choice gem . . . it's all here.
  • Enchantments: Quick and easy rules for giving almost any object nearly any magical effect, along with alternatives for self-powered items and some new enchantments.
  • Embellishments: Natural and supernatural improvements to workmanship, materials, and appearance that can turn even a bathtub or a serving tray into treasure.
  • Curses: Seasoned delvers know that items found in dark domains may exact a price. Is that sword you just found haunted? Will that shiny magic armor generate a mystical backlash? Finding out is part of the thrill!
  • Strange Artifacts: Do you dare to utilize the Gears of Time, don the Arms of Ekeshti, or draw from the Cursing Deck? Many shiny finds are beyond the ken of the sagest sage or the wisest wizard.

 . . . and much more. A pile of coins is nice, but this supplement lets you achieve the impossible: Ensure that your munchkins players won't want to find boring old silver and gold ever again!

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Written by Matt Riggsby