GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 23: Twists

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Delve Into the Different

Hack 'n' slash fantasy is "kitchen sink" fantasy. It blends wizards, dragons, and piles of gold with elements pulled from every fictional genre and even real-world history, keeping the parts about fighting and looting while discarding the rest. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is no exception, reducing all of GURPS to swords, spells, and skullduggery.

When the players crave more than slaughter and treasure, it's time for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 23: Twists. This supplement explores giving delvers lands and titles, presenting evil as going beyond dangerous to horrific, and challenging heroes with higher-tech risks and rewards. Yet it aims not to complicate the game in the process, suggesting streamlined treatments that deliver the essentials without all the rules.

Knights need castles, evil should be scary, and sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.