GURPS Classic: Who's Who 2

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Stranger Than Fiction – and Stranger Than Ever

The second volume of 52 real-life characters for historical and time-travel games introduces an even more varied collection of personalities.

  • From the Bronze Age to Punk Rock, the Mayan Empire to Japan,
  • From priest-kings to rocket scientists, philosophers to courtesans,
  • From steppe-lords to saints, playwrights to tyrants . . .

Through brilliance or luck, charisma or courage or sheer lunacy, these are the people who stamped their very different images on history. When your players face them, in battlefield, court, or laboratory, they can change the world – or at least, come away with quite a story.

Each character is represented by a full GURPS character sheet, biographical notes, and scenario ideas from the subtle to the bizarre – ready to use in games, or adapt as NPCs or adventurers.

(Note that this is a digital reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

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Written by Phil Masters