GURPS Classic: Temple of the Lost Gods

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For a thousand years, the Temple of the Lost Gods was the seat of power of the dominant religion in the land – until the Madness Plague devastated the country and made the people doubt the power of the Lost Gods. Today, all that remains is ruins, and the whispered rumors that someone – or something – stirs within . . .

Temple of the Lost Gods is an adventure setting for GURPS Third Edition that can be used in any fantasy or historical campaign, right up to the modern day. Written by Chad Underkoffler (of Pyramid Magazine's "Campaign In a Box" fame), Temple of the Lost Gods has six distinct settings, from the very beginnings of a new religion, through its glorious rise to power, and on to its tragic fall. Each setting features character templates and gorgeous maps by Scott Reeves – 12 in all! Underkoffler also has an alternate magic system for GURPS Third Edition specially designed for this setting. And the whole thing uses only the rules in Third Edition GURPS Lite, so it's great for beginners or groups that want fewer rules and more action!

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Written by Chad Underkoffler