GURPS Classic: Supers: Super Scum

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So You Wanna Play Rough?

When it comes to being good at being bad, here are the metavillains that wrote the book! From twisted terrorists to malevolent mischief-makers, from psychotic scoundrels to villainous vigilantes, GURPS Supers: Super Scum has them!

Here are 64 pages of the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly. Complete character descriptions with powers, skills, quirks, and equipment are included – and each villain is complete with two pages of background information. All character writeups include history, personality, battle tactics, how to use him (or her) in a campaign, how to increase or decrease the point value in a balanced manner, and much more!

Anyone running a super-powered campaign will find this book valuable. Creating a good villain takes time, and sometimes the GM needs that bad guy now!

Organizations such as The Exchange and the infamous Deadly Dozen add depth to the world background, and the mysterious High Assassins of the Nimba Cult will keep the players guessing as to their true intentions. Or the heroes can pay a visit to the headquarters of the powerful group called The Pride – fully mapped out inside!

Super Scum can also act as a character creation handbook for players – see how various powers can be used in new and unique ways!

Welcome to the world of Super Scum. But watch your wallet and your back. Some of these guys aren't very nice . . .

Written by Mark Johnson