GURPS Classic: Supers: Mixed Doubles

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Tennis Anyone?

What sort of metahumans inhabit a super-powered campaign? Evil wizards? Psychos with super-guns? Acrobatic daredevils? Supers for hire? Energy-charged gang members? Behind-the-scenes schemers? Fondly-remembered World War II heroes and hated wartime villains? Heroes who flaunt the law and villains with consciences? All these and more are in GURPS Mixed Doubles.

Here are complete character descriptions for 46 new supers: heroes, villains and a few in-betweens. The descriptions include powers, skills, quirks and background, including history, personality and battle tactics. The characters range in power from 200 to 775 and include detailed power variations from 100 to 1,000 points.

You don't have to rewrite your campaign to include the characters from Mixed Doubles, nor are these characters designed to be used only once and then ignored for the rest of the campaign. These are linked pairs – hero-hero, hero-villain, villain-villain – with care taken to make each member of a pair interesting enough to use individually, and each pair complex enough to provide more than one encounter's worth of use. Every description includes methods of working the characters into an ongoing campaign, with emphasis on both super-careers and secret identities.

Mixed Doubles requires only the GURPS Basic Set Third Edition and GURPS Supers to use, but you'll also find suggestions here for using these characters with other GURPS Supers supplements including GURPS I.S.T., Wild Cards, and Aces Abroad.

Written by Spike Y. Jones