GURPS Classic: Supers: International Super Teams

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Peace on Earth . . . ?

Welcome to the super-powered world of the U.N. International Super Teams! Charged with enforcing the 1982 edicts banning strategic nuclear weapons and military super-squads, the ISTs are the U.N.'s premier peace-keeping forces – well-funded and well-equipped elite troops composed of the best and brightest metahumans. GURPS International Super Teams tells you all you need to know to play members of the U.N.'s super-police force.

GURPS International Super Teams is a worldbook for the GURPS Supers sourcebook. It contains all the background necessary to survive in the world of the International Super Teams. Match wits with Qadaffi of non-U.N. Libya; investigate the disturbing secrets of South Africa; cope with international politics in the General Assembly; or defend civilian targets from the elusive neo-Nazi Kristallnacht and other members of the deadly PLO superteam.

GURPS International Super Teams includes:

  • Complete historical timeline, from 60,000,000 B.C. to today.
  • Supers in the 1940s and the 1960s.
  • Concise geopolitical and social summaries of the world of the ISTs.
  • Fringe groups, radical movements and cults.
  • Over two dozen fully-developed super characters, heroes and villains from around the world . . . and outer space.
  • Three sample IST embassies, fully detailed.
  • Guidelines for establishing your own International Super Team.

And much, much more!

Written by Robert Schroeck