GURPS Classic: Space: Unnight

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Wizards of the Lost Colony

500 years ago, a half-million people vanished in space. Now their descendants have been found. What cultures have evolved in half a millennium? What alien works and ways have been discovered? What will the lost children of Earth think of the Universe that is now open for them?

Unnight is a GURPS Space supplement for 3 to 6 players. It includes:

  • A planetary record sheet for the world of Unnight, and information on its strange animals and plants.
  • Data on Unnight's sun Stuzak, its anomalous satellite Orb, and the rest of the Stuzak system.
  • The nations and cultures man has built on this new world . . . including the flying Hawk Lords and the secretive "Wizards."
  • "First Contact," an Unnight adventure.
Written by Stefan Jones