GURPS Classic: Space Atlas 3

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Worlds of the Great Spiral

This is your guide to the confederate worlds of the Great Spiral Sector. Each world description includes a complete Planetary Record Sheet, with an overview of the whole star system and a detailed description of the planet itself, using the GURPS Space format . . . planetary map, atmosphere and gravity, day and year length.

Also covered are population, government, resources, economy, biosphere, and special features. Some worlds include descriptions and game statistics for people, animals, plants or vehicles found on that planet. Adventure suggestions are included for every world.

The Space Atlas is designed to fit into any campaign. You can use the worlds together (maps of the whole Great Spiral sector are included), or choose individual worlds and fit them into an existing campaign. The book's introduction includes historical and background information to fit the Great Spiral into four different universes: a galaxy-wide Anarchy, a Federation, a Corporate State or an Interstellar Empire.

The Space Atlas series is designed specifically for GURPS Space, but can be used in any interstellar roleplaying game.

Written by Creede Lambard / Dale Kemper