GURPS Classic: Orcslayer

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52-page PDF


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Six young warriors –

Sent to do the work of thousands!

Generations ago, the orc-hordes swarmed east into the peaceful kingdom of Caithness. Now they're coming back. Last time, it took an army to stop them; this time, your lord is sending you . . .

Orcslayer is the first combat adventure for Man to Man. It's both a combat game and a roleplaying adventure. Nine linked combat scenarios are divided by roleplaying "interludes" – a whole new concept in adventure supplements.

Orcslayer also includes the NPC Reaction Table from GURPS; random encounters; four new maps (double-sized Castle Keep, Castle Wall that can be duplicated to completely surround the Keep, and Cavern); and 15 pre-generated NPCs of several different races. The book is suitable for three-hole punching.

Orcslayer is set in the fantasy kingdom of Caithness – which can become part of any GM's game-world. Further adventures will use the same background, allowing the adventure to continue.

But first, you must survive Orcslayer!

This electronic version of Orcslayer was created from a scan of the 1985 printed edition, and all known errata has been appended to the PDF.

Written by Steve Jackson / Warren Spector