GURPS Classic: Operation Endgame

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The breakup of the USSR brings a thousand dangers, a thousand tragedies, a thousand opportunities . . . and agents from around the world rush to fight over the spoils.

This book contains four heart-pounding adventures by Thomas Kane, author of GURPS Espionage. These missions will challenge the craftiest spies.

Operation Endgame. Midnight, a top KGB agents, is hiding in Copenhagen. Find her and convince her to come to the West instead of selling her talents to Singapore – before a treacherous double agent silences her.

Operation Loose Ends. Midnight has bad news about former Soviet Army units trained for terrorism and assassination. Officially, they've been disbanded. But they went political instead. Hunt down the last six assassins – before they strike again . . .

Watching the Dragon. The Soviet terrorist unit was stockpiling weapons – a lot of weapons. But no one's talking about their intended destination - or why the Communist Chinese should support them . . . Ferret out the reasons in Beijing, but don't get caught.

Sons of the Bear. As the USSR disbands, control slips, to the dismay of loyal Soviet Army officers. One rebel officer fights against dissolution to safeguard mankind from a terrible weapon; another tries to grab power for himself. The showdown comes in the steppes of Kazakhstan.

(Note that this is a digital reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

Written by Thomas Kane