GURPS Classic: In Nomine

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Angels Are Real

So are demons. They're among us right now. Heaven and Hell are locked in a battle, and humanity is caught in the crossfire.

This is the GURPS adaptation of In Nomine, the award-winning game of the war between Heaven and Hell. Players can take the part of angels, serving an Archangel . . . infernal lackeys of a Demon Prince . . . or human "Soldiers" supporting either side.

Some are fanatics, sure their cause is right. Some are just doing their jobs. And some wonder if they chose the wrong side. Angels who disobey orders or violate their angelic natures can Fall, becoming demons. Demons can be Redeemed, to join the heavenly host. Today's friend can be tomorrow's foe.

With great powers and miraculous "Songs," the angels and demons do the bidding of their celestial masters. Success brings recognition, the granting of yet mightier powers, and yet riskier assignments. Failure can mean punishment . . . or oblivion.

Good and evil. Life and death. Rock and roll. Welcome to the world of In Nomine.

Written by Beth McCoy / Walter Milliken