GURPS Classic: Horror: Zombietown, U.S.A.

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67-page PDF


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Black Lake, California, the idyllic small town you've always dreamed of . . . clean air, sparkling water and a scenic countryside . . . friendly townfolk and an easy life style . . . a perfect haven where everything is beautiful and peaceful!


There's the mayor who doesn't remember hiring the investigators, the phones that give a constant busy signal, the sudden storm that drowns three brothers, the mysterious van that cruises the streets of Black Lake.

And then the dead begin to walk . . .

As the investigators unfold the strange events shrouding Black Lake, they are drawn deeper and deeper into a complex web of horror, uncovering a sinister plot that is paralyzing the whole town. Only they can foil the plot that threatens to turn Black Lake into Zombietown U.S.A.

The 64 pages of Zombietown U.S.A. feature:

  • A modern-day GURPS Horror adventure.
  • All the information needed to adapt the adventure for GURPS Autoduel America.
  • A complete town for adventuring in either the present day or 2038.
  • Detailed descriptions and stats for dozens of NPCs and establishments.
  • Subplots and adventure seeds to provide months of deadly small-town adventuring.
Written by Barry Link