GURPS Classic: Dinosaurs

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Tyrant Kings!

Giganotosaurus, the largest carnivore ever to walk the Earth . . . Packs of Deinonychus, the "terrible claws" . . . Triceratops, armed with shield and spears . . . 65-ton Brachiosaurus, tall as a four-story building . . . Ankylosaurus, the living tank . . . the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex . . . cunning Troodons . . . the deadly Utahraptor . . .

Their fossilized bones inspired myths of dragons and other monsters. Their images still terrify us today. Visit their world – or have them visit yours.

GURPS Dinosaurs includes:

  • A detailed bestiary of the world before human history, with more than 100 dinosaurs, plus pterosaurs, sea monsters, other reptiles, and prehistoric birds and mammals.
  • A chronology of life on Earth, from the Cambrian explosion to the Ice Ages.
  • Character creation and detailed roleplaying information for early hominids and humans, from Australopithecus to Cro-Magnon, including advantages, disadvantages and skills.
  • Maps and background material for the world of the dinosaurs.
  • Plot and adventure ideas for Time Travel, Supers, Horror, Cliffhangers, Atomic Horror, Space, Survivors, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, and even caveman slapstick campaigns!
Written by Stephen Dedman