GURPS Classic: Cyberworld

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Life is Cheap on the Edge

So, paryeni, you think you got what it takes to live on the Edge. Lots of livewires think so. Most of them wind up rotting in the body banks. We'll see . . . we'll see.

GURPS Cyberworld is your guide to the world of the One-and-Twenty, where the United States is under the totalitarian hold of the Provisional Government, the cities are floundering in their own decay and technology races forward faster and faster.

This book has everything players and GMs need to explore a dangerous and brutal world. If you're quick enough, you can outwit the black-clad Nerks, get enough cred and connections to fix yourself up with some street cyberwear, and maybe even jack into the global network and poke around for some easy loot. But if the korp console jockeys catch you in their part of the matrix, you'll be dodging zeromen for the rest of your short life.

Inside you'll find:

  • The World. A 50-year history of the United States and the rest of the world from 1993 to 2043.
  • Culture on the Edge. Musicians and their cyberaxes . . . and bloodsport gladiators, decked out with lethal body-mods.
  • Crime and Punishment. Including the vicious Mafia, more powerful than ever, the brutal Chinese Triads, and the 'Traffs, cold-hearted drugrunners from South America.
  • Technology. Cyberwear, guns, grenades, lasers and gyrocs, plus other equipment. Everything a street-op needs to stay one step ahead of the Nerks.
  • The Net. From personal computers to supermainframes to the experimental cyberdecks, this chapter has it all. Plus new attack and defense programs for bold netrunners.

This book also includes maps, tables and lots of new adventure ideas for GURPS Cyberpunk roleplaying.

So come on, dyadooska, get with it. Don't be the only one in the world who hasn't arrived in the One-and-Twenty.

Written by Paul Hume