GURPS Classic: Cyberpunk Adventures

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Flesh, Chrome, and Circuitry

The gritty world of GURPS Cyberpunk is filled with danger, violence and exotic beauty. This book presents three adventures that capture the dark essence of life in the streets of the all-too-near future. Each adventure offers challenging puzzles, mysterious encounters and heart-stopping action.

The Medusa Sanction sends a group of agents on a far-flung chase across the country, searching for a canister of deadly nanomechs. Can the PCs locate the group of renegade androids called Chimera before they release their mechanical plague over a helpless city?

Jericho Blackout is a high-powered adventure set in Scrambletown, one part of the divided community of Jericho City. A group of wealthy isolationists in the walled-off ConFed has hired mercenaries to destroy Scrambletown's power station. The PCs are the working-class town's only hope.

Jigsaw Incomplete sends the party on a fast-paced trek through the menacing streets to recover two weeks missing from a PC's memory. When a heavily chromed hit-man and Yakuza assassins enter the scene, the agent might find that he doesn't want to remember.

Also included are three net maps that can be integrated into any GURPS Cyberpunk campaign, and an appendix with descriptions of system types and net icons, for easy reference.

Do you think you have what it takes to prowl the urban jungle, face down cyborgs, androids and razor-wielding street scum, or hack into government systems, crawling with Black Ice?

Open this book and find out . . .

GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures won the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1992!

Written by David L. Pulver / Jak Koke / Tim Keating