GURPS Classic: Cyberpunk

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128-page PDF


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Welcome to a world on the edge. GURPS Cyberpunk brings the gritty chrome-and-plastic streets of the cyberpunk future to the world of GURPS!

Cyberpunk is the genre of man plus machine – a dystopian fusion of the visions of George Orwell and Timothy Leary. It presents challenges far beyond that of the standard "loot the dungeon" themes – in a cyberpunk world, survival itself can be the ultimate success story!

GURPS Cyberpunk doesn't tie you down to one specific background. Instead, it provides rules to simulate any type of environment, from the gutters of New York City to the injection-molded walls of orbital habitats.

Because GURPS Cyberpunk is based on the award-winning GURPS rules, it's possible to create any character type. From gang members and fly-by-night netrunners to black market software dealers, cyborg bodyguards, and bioengineered ninja – they're all here.

Included in this book are:

  • New Advantages – from Alternate Identities to Contacts.
  • New Disadvantages – including Cyber Rejection Syndrome, Dying, and Zeroed.
  • New Skills – such as Cyberdeck Operation and Video Production.
  • Cyberwear – all the equipment needed to turn the man-on-the-street into a cybernetic killing machine.
  • Brain Implants - from temporary chipped skills to data plugs to a built-in computer.
  • Netrunning rules – hardware and software to penetrate the realistic computer networks of the 20th century or the artificial reality of cyberspace.
  • Campaign advice – Over 30 pages on creating a cyberpunk campaign, both world design and adventure writing.
  • And much, much more . . .
Written by Loyd Blankenship