GURPS Classic: Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast

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Conan and Bêlit Together on Their Greatest Adventure!

Allies, swordmates, lovers . . . there were two no deadlier pirates in the Hyborian Age than Conan of Cimmeria, destined to be the greatest hero of his time, and Bêlit, savage ruler of the southern buccaneers! Together, they were Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast!

Now they face supernatural horrors of haunted ruins on the Zarkheba River. Live the adventure of the glorious Hyborian Age in this solo adventure for GURPS. Based on the short story by fantasy legend Robert E. Howard, it can be played many times without having the same adventure twice. Play the mighty Conan, or design your own character to face the evil of the ruined city. The book also includes:

  • Complete character descriptions for Conan and Bêlit.
  • Animals and monsters for your GURPS campaigns.
  • A map of the Tigress, Bêlit's private vessel, and other combat maps for this adventure.

(This is a digital reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

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Written by Bob Traynor