GURPS Classic: Compendium II

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Softcover: 192 B&W pages.
PDF: 194 pages.


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The Best of All Worlds!

Compendium II is 192 pages of the best articles and the most-requested new expanded and optional rules for GURPS Third Edition! We've chosen the most useful GM resources from over 14,000 pages of Third Edition material (most of it no longer in print) and added new material written by experienced GURPS gurus. Compendium II is a must-have for Game Masters (no more digging through a stack of books to find the optional rule you want) and a valuable aid for any GURPS Third Edition player.

  • Campaigning. Game mastering and campaign design, cinematic games, other dimensions, campaign power levels, and designing believable societies.
  • Combat. Optional rules galore for both realistic and cinematic combat! Also includes rules for non-lethal contests and tournaments, and systems for space combat and naval combat.
  • Equipment. Including rules for day-to-day maintenance . . . and for operating bizarre artifacts that are not day-to-day at all!
  • Dangerous Stuff! Pages of things to scare players with, ranging from cold weather and seasickness to altitude sickness, decompression, and radiation.
  • Injury & Fatigue. Detailed optional rules that build upon the existing systems for injury, healing, missed sleep, and extra effort.
  • Mass Combat. Yes, the much-requested Mass Combat System is back in print, in an up-to-date, all-inclusive format that includes new optional rules.

This book is designed for use with GURPS Compendium I and GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, and includes rules that appear in the appendix of Basic Set, Third Edition Revised.

Written by Sean Punch