GURPS Classic: Camelot

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Knights and Wizards!

They were the best knights in the world. They were advised by the most powerful wizard of all . . . Merlin himself! And their leader was King Arthur, bearer of Excalibur.

The story of Camelot is the story of chivalry itself. All the knightly traditions of fantasy . . . monster-slaying, maiden-rescuing, jousts, adventures in disguise . . . came from the tales of King Arthur, as told by a thousand years of bards. Now Camelot comes alive for the roleplayer.

GURPS Camelot includes backgrounds for three versions of the legend.

  • The Traditional Arthur of folklore,
  • The modern Cinematic Arthur of swashbuckling adventures, and
  • The Historical Arthur, the ancient British ruler who fought against Saxon invaders.

NOTE: This PDF is a scanned copy of the last printed edition of GURPS Camelot. No changes or updates from that edition were made, but we have appended all known errata to the end of the document.

Written by Robert Schroeck / Peggy Schroeck