GURPS Classic: Best of Pyramid 2

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Pyramid Magazine has been bringing you the best in gaming since 1993. Here's a second volume of the best of Pyramid's GURPS coverage, all in one convenient place.

GURPS Best of Pyramid 2 includes the "Unlimited Mana" variant rules, "The Hole" – one of the most requested articles ever, straight from Pyramid #1 – plus the complete run of Terra Incognita and Warehouse 23 features from the paper edition, and lots more!

Written by James L. Cambias / S. John Ross / Steve Kenson / Derek Pearcy / John M. Ford / Kenneth Hite / Scott Paul Maykrantz / Jeff Koke / Craig Neumeier / Michael S. Schiffer / Graeme Davis / Mike Kelley / John W. Baichtal / Mike Phyillaier / Steven W. Disbrow / Dan Massey / John Aegard / Laurence MacNaughton / Erick Melton / Fred Van Lente / Steven Hammond / Aaron And Stephanie / Michael Nelson / Christopher Meinck / Scott Tengelin / Anthony Salter / Aric Liljegren / Steve Dickie / Fred Wolke / R. Darrow Bernick