GURPS Classic: Atlantis

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Lost, But Not Forgotten

Long ago, beyond the edge of the world, a great empire grew decadent . . . and sank forever beneath the waves. The Lost Land; the Sunken City; the Ancient Birthplace of Secrets. It has haunted our dreams since the days of ancient Greece. In some of those dreams, the Lost Land is still out there.

Written by Phil Masters (GURPS Discworld), this is a gamer's guide to the story, the history, and the myth. GURPS Atlantis includes rules for underwater operations, stats for a wide range of submarines, and no less than three campaign backgrounds - one high fantasy, one conspiratorial, and one for steampunk or superhero games.

Come to Atlantis . . .

NOTE: This is Version 1.1, with bookmarks added.

Written by Phil Masters