GURPS Classic: Arabian Nights

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Flying carpets and magic lamps . . . flashing scimitars and scheming viziers . . . crusaders, Mongols, and Bedouin . . . sultans, poets, merchants, and the original Assassins – all this and more can be found in GURPS Arabian Nights.

Confront a shapeshifting djinn, or cast spells that move mountains and tame fantastic beasts. Voyage with Sinbad or ride with Marco Polo in search of the riches of the Orient. Fight in the Crusades, when Western chivalry sought to free the Holy Land . . . and Islam held off the Frankish invasion.

This fascinating book describes both the real and the fictional world of the Arabian Nights, its tumultuous history, the religions that define its culture, beasts of fact and fantasy, outlandish magic, and unique campaign ideas. There are a thousand and one journeys in GURPS Arabian Nights!

This electronic version of GURPS Arabian Nights was created from a scan of the 1993 printed edition, and all known errata has been appended to the PDF.

Written by Phil Masters