GURPS Classic: All-Star Jam 2004

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Nine Authors. One Book.

Take nine fan-favorite GURPS authors. Give them each 10,000 words to write about whatever they want. The result is GURPS All-Star Jam 2004, featuring:

  • Kenneth Hite, writing about ghost hunters;
  • Phil Masters, with a fairytale world of muskets, ghosts, and strange magics;
  • Beth McCoy, channeling Walter Milliken, on a truly dangerous job- Mythic Babysitting;
  • David Pulver's far-future space-opera campaign setting;
  • Gene Seabolt, giving us the travails of the last band of Spartan mercenaries, trapped in a decaying Europe;
  • William Stoddard, looking at subterranean settings for all types of roleplaying adventures;
  • Brian Underhill, with a GURPS take on airships;
  • Jonathan Woodward, looking at the science-fictional implications of Precursor races; and
  • Jon Zeigler's "Chariots!" – a cinematic look at the age of flashing bronze and larger-than-life heroes.

Nine (well, ten, actually) top authors at the top of their games – GURPS All-Star Jam 2004 has something for everybody!

Written by Brian J. Underhill / Beth McCoy / Phil Masters / David L. Pulver / William H. Stoddard / Kenneth Hite / Jonathan Woodward / Jon F. Zeigler