GURPS Classic: Aliens

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We Are Not Alone!

In fact, every time we open the airlock, we meet a new race . . .

GURPS Aliens presents over two dozen new races for your campaign! Use them in any science fiction adventure . . . or fantasy, or horror. Or, if you're tired of throwing the same old metavillains at your GURPS Supers players, these alien allies, foes, and technology will keep your game flying.

Also included are rules for designing new alien races, including racial advantages, disadvantages, and skills. Invent balanced alien designs that will intrigue and challenge your players!

NOTE: This PDF is a scanned copy of the last printed edition of GURPS Aliens. No changes or updates from that 1991 edition were made, but we have appended all known errata to the end of the document.

Written by Chris W. McCubbin