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GURPS Fourth Edition lets roleplayers create any character they can imagine, from any time or place. They can be customized with hundreds of advantages, disadvantages, and skills, not to mention magic spells, psionic powers, martial arts moves, superpowers, and equipment from pitchforks to starships.

And yes . . . it can all get a little complicated. If only there was some sort of super-smart machine that could remember all the rules for creating characters, recall them instantly, memorize characters after you made them without ever forgetting, do all the math without making a mistake . . . but that would take some kind of computer or something . . .

Introducing GURPS Character Assistant, created by Armin Sykes! This new software from Steve Jackson Games has every character creation rule from the Fourth Edition GURPS Basic Set. You can create and save any character, and print it out on an official Fourth Edition character sheet. GURPS Character Assistant will also let you save and share character files with other players who have GCA. Templates are also fully supported – the program will let you create, modify and share them with others.

With Version 5, GCA is better than ever: faster, more robust, and with more features vital for making a GURPS game quicker and easier.

GURPS Character Assistant has been designed for computers running Windows 8 and later, but should be compatible with Windows 7 if the required free framework software is installed. (Tinkerers may also get it to work on Linux, using Wine, but this is not officially supported. Although it should work on Intel Macs that can run Windows software, it will not work on Macs using M1-or-later chips.)

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Written by Armin D. Sykes