GURPS Action 8: Twists

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Well That Was Unexpected!

Harrowing chases, raging gunfights, EXPLOSIONS . . . GURPS Action can get wild! Yet the action genre is conservative in its way: The setting is urban or industrial, the heroes' place in society is cosmetic, and natural laws are stretched but rarely broken – it's real life, extra guns, hold the taxes. And like ordering the same meal every time, always sticking to a formula can get boring.

GURPS Action 8: Twists aims to shake things up. It adds back in three of the things that Action filtered out of GURPS: jobs and social standing, the exotic and the supernatural, and wilderness adventures without fancy gadgets. And it does so with the attention to simplicity and streamlining that the core volumes brought to sneaking, shooting, and driving too fast.

Sometimes, the boss wants you to come out of retirement to hunt an alien in the jungle.

Written by Sean Punch