GURPS Action 6: Tricked-Out Rides

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Start Your Engines!

The car chase is a pillar of action fiction, and GURPS Action honors the tradition: Exploits features fast, furious rules that cut right to the, er, chase, while Heroes includes a template for hot-shot drivers (the wheel man), plus a list of basic rides. But since when did action heroes settle for stock cars?

GURPS Action 6: Tricked-Out Rides races to the rescue! It doubles the number of basic models available, offering subcompact, compact, mid-size, and large cars, plus seven larger vehicles from the realm of SUVs, pickups, and vans. Then it provides 10 overall modifications to mix and match, like "armored," "fuel-efficient," and "luxury"; dozens of accessories, from fussy electronics to beefy bullbars; simplified vehicular weapons; rules for custom controls; advice on going electric; and examples, like the gadget-filled spy car and the menacing motorcade escort.

Leave design to the boffins. Get down to the body shop, sketch out what you want, and burn rubber!

Written by Sean Punch