GURPS Action 3: Furious Fists

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26-page PDF


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In Action 1: Heroes, you got stripped-down, hard-core rules for heroes who were too tough to handle!

In Action 2: Exploits, you got so much crunch for running action-movie campaigns that it blew your mind!

The excitement continues with Action 3: Furious Fists. This guide to martial-arts mayhem includes five totally new archetypes for your own personal game of death: the hulking big guy, the untouchable fast guy, the stealthy ninja, the athletic traceur, and the lethal-weapon master. Some of these guys fight barehanded, but they don't come empty-handed – you get all the special martial-arts advantages, perks, and techniques they need to dominate. Rounding it out are exotic weapons, new combat options, and practical advice on bringing high-kicking, katana-slashing action to the world of fast cars and big guns.

The Big Boss won't know what hit him . . .

Written by Sean Punch