GURPS Action 1: Heroes

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In a world where danger lurks in every shadow, death can come around any corner, and every sentence sounds like a movie trailer, there are those who would risk their lives to save the day. These brave souls are men of fortune. They are men of fate. They are men of . . . action!

Action 1: Heroes draws its inspiration from the heroic men and women of action movies of the 1980s and beyond, bringing high-octane, high-stakes adventure to GURPS.

With templates, focused options, and lists of appropriate gear, players and Game Masters alike can create characters looking as though they were shot on 35mm film, ready for some shooting of their own. Heroes is a guide for gamers looking to get their action-movie campaigns going quickly and explosively!

This volume focuses on characters. Watch for the sequel – Action 2: Exploits – for the how-tos of making fast-paced adventures.

Written by Sean Punch