Groo: The Game

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG1583


115 cards, seven custom dice, a drawstring bag, and a rulesheet.


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Try to build a town . . . without having it stomped to rubble by Groo the Barbarian!

Fans of Mad Magazine love Sergio Aragonés, and they love his character Groo the Barbarian. Groo is a warrior and wanderer, never in one place for long . . . because he’s such a klutz the people run him out!

In this fast, fun game, each player tries to build a town and keep it intact against the twin threats of rival armies and Groo’s “helpful” visits. Roll dice to gain resources, and spend them on buildings or troops . . . but anything you can’t use is passed along to your rivals!

• Cards illustrated by the great Sergio Aragonés himself, featuring Groo and his friends and foes.

• A hit when it was first released, but unavailable for many years. Includes both the original game and the supplement!

• Plays in under an hour – great fun for as few as two, or as many as six players.