GM Screen - Champions (4th Edition)

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Champions is simply the best super role-playing game ever created. It gives you complete control over every aspect of your superhero and your world. Champions is all that's needed to bring the four-color heroics of comic-books to life!

The Champions GM Screen is useful for both Gamemasters and players. Packed with Champions charts and play aids, this 34" × 11" color screen provides everything you need for instant heroics.

It contains:

  • A 22" × 11" hex grid for super battles
  • A 48-page booklet featuring:
    • A character creation summary that contains costs for Skills, Talents, Perks, Powers and Power Modifiers
    • A combat "quick-sheet" to speed fights
    • Character sheets with additional Super Poses
    • New campaign sheets
    • Small hex sheets for easy mapping
    • and much, much more!

Written by Rob Bell / George MacDonald / Chad Brinkley