Game Geek Issue #2

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The second issue of Game Geek, inside you will find all sorts of fun stuff, including . . .

  • Behind the Game, Ameritrash, and Eurogames Map of the Month
  • Junkyard Wars
  • Avalon Pathfinder, Fire Mage
  • Coral Thrown, Chapter 1
  • Geek Profile
  • Multi-Verse S&G Scenario - Dept. 13, Monster Hunters Shuffler Map, and Tiles by Claudio
  • Battle Axe, Elven Wood Elf Ranger Lord
  • Arcana, Giant Hills Adventure Site
  • Reviews, New Stuff, Cool Stuff, and a whole lot more

Almost 50 pages of gaming goodies, so get your issue right away and join Avalon Games at the Round Table of Fun.

Written by Robert Hemminger