Foxbat Unhinged (4th Edition)

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Foxbat Unhinged! Is a 32-page Champions adventure book featuring everyone's favorite super-villain-supreme designed to fit into any Champions campaign. Cinderella: a fully detailed adventure that presents a different, set of challenges to heroes used to mysteries, puzzles and high-powered combat. A love triangle, a menace from the future, intercontinental jet set parties a room full of Foxbats, and the dreaded Centipedemobile! Al-Foxbat, a fully detailed and completely off-the-wall adventure that will test the abilities of even the mightiest hero team: Powerful supervillains helpless before Foxbat, Foxbat declared World's Finest Mortal, all the money in the world and the incomparable wonders of the Island Of Dr. Foxbat. Also includes two important Foxbat gadgets with adventure seeds to suggest comedic scenarios for the future use.

Written by Alison Brooks