Forgotten Futures X: The Tooth And Claw Role Playing Game

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A Roleplaying Sourcebook for
Jo Walton's World Fantasy Award-Winning Novel

The war between dragons and humans ended in surrender, stalemate, and eventual rebellion. Five thousand years later Tiamath, the dragon homeland, is a modern state adapting to the power of steam, rapid communications, and overpopulation. Will an ancient society based on privilege, power, and occasional cannibalism be able to cope with the upheavals that lie ahead? Can Church, State, and the Aristocracy respond to the challenge, or will the future see an end to everything that Draconic society holds dear?

Suggested by the works of Anthony Trollope and other Victorian authors, Tooth and Claw won the 2004 World Fantasy Award, and describes an unforgettable fantasy setting which has been adapted for this authorised RPG.

Contents include

  • A comprehensive guide to Draconic biology, society, and religion.
  • Details of Tiamath's neighbours, friends, and enemies.
  • A complete rewrite of the Forgotten Futures rules for dragon characters.
  • Two long adventures.
  • Five adventure outlines.
  • Cut-out dragons and Yarge (humans).
  • Illustrations by Hugo Award-winning artist Sue Mason.

Support material available from the author's web site includes editable dragon character sheets, extra covers for binding the book as three volumes, a cutout paddle steamer, an unfinished sequel by Jo Walton, and more.

Written by Marcus Rowland