Food Fight, Mini-Game #13

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Chuck ducked under the flying burger as he made his way to his seat. The Jocks were at it again, he said to himself sitting down next to the other geeks. Just then a milk shake flew overhead, exploding high above the Preppie's table. With a howl, the Cheerleader lept up and started screaming about how hard it was to get chocolate out of cashmere. Then it began, the food starting to fly between the tables, Jocks throwing chips and cola cans while the Preppies laid in with hot dogs and yogurt cups. Soon the whole cafeteria as a mess of flying food and gangs of students dodging and throwing their lunch.

Chuck sat lower in his chair, trying to avoid being hit and continued to eat his PB&J. That's when the bagel hit the fan, and he was hit with a cup of soup. Now it's war, Chuck said to himself as he gathered up food of his own to throw.

This is Food Fight, a fun, fast game of insanity. Can your team of teenagers out fight their dreaded and hated foes as the food flies and the fun begins?

One of Avalon Games' many Mini-Games, Food Fight will allow you to make a mess and still have fun!

This is the third edition of this great game and is fully edited and comes with a new cover, full color layout and a print friendly version for easy play.

Written by Robert Hemminger