FnordCon 5 USB Flash Drive

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG5900-25


A 2GB flash drive, loaded with goodies (and room for more of your own)!


Available Now!

A pre-loaded 2GB thumb drive, branded with the FnordCon 5 logo!

Included in our FnordCon 5 swag boxes and bags, you can now grab one of these for yourself!

Some of the content already loaded on this flash drive includes: files for The Fantasy Trip (Melee, the 2019 Postcard Contest, Hexagram #1, and an octopus STL), GURPS (GURPS Lite, Caravan to Ein Arris, Floor Plan 2 - The Great Salt Flats, GURPS Ultra-Lite), Ogre (1976 Ogre Playtest Booklet, ODE Quick Start Rules, Ogre Main Theme music file, and Ogre Minis Lite), Car Wars (Sixth Edition, rules and Kill Stickers), and Munchkin (Munchkin Alphabet Coloring Book and Munchkin Face Mask). There’s also a copy of Pyramid #1.

There are also lots of files from Gaming Ballistic, and from Wintertree Software you'll find a demo of Tablemaster, four 1001 Things sampler collections, the Business Card Dungeon, and more!