Feng Shui: Thorns of the Lotus - The Eaters of the Lotus Sourcebook

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Lust For Nothing But Power.
The Eaters of the Lotus are back, and these screechy-voiced eunuch sorcerers are looking for trouble! In the year 69 A.D., a conspiracy of eunuch sorcerers manipulate the emperor like puppeteers, and plot to dominate the world – not only in their own time, but in the centuries to come, now that they've discovered the Netherworld and its paths to the future.

This book describes Gao Zhang, mastermind of the Lotus, and his emasculated co-conspirators, their organization, minions, plans and operations in other junctures, and their own documents and teachings . . . as well as featuring running commentary from outside observers. Not a eunuch? Don't worry; you don't have to pay the price of Lotus admission to use this book's creature powers, sorcery schticks, character types, and ready-to-play adventure!

Written by Rich Warren