Feng Shui: Seal of the Wheel - The Ascended Sourcebook

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They control the world – in our time, at least.

Seal of the Wheel describes the Ascended, the conspiracy of transformed animals who control the destiny of the modern era. It provides the skinny on their structure and activities, as well as the operations of their mundane lackies, the Pledged, and their puppet organizations, the Order of the Wheel and the Jade Wheel Society.

Within Seal of the Wheel, you will also find:

  • New character types like the Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, and Bodyguard
  • The "true" history of the Lodge
  • Statistics for Ascended power players like Mr. X, the Unspoken Name, and Reverend Red Glare
  • New transformed animal packages
  • Feng shui sites controlled by the Ascended
  • Funky tech and gadgets
  • Brains in jars and an enormous fortress carved from a living iceberg

Written by John Seavey / Hal Mangold / David Blewers / Deird'Re Brooks