Feng Shui: On Location

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On Location at a Glance

• Make your GM's night a bit easier with this four-panel screen and location collection for Feng Shui first edition.

• Keep the most-referenced charts and tables at the ready and your nose out of the book with this handy screen.

• Add a little variety and inspiration to your fights with location ideas that help make the most of repeatedly doing battle in the same kinds of places.

A Reference Extravaganza: More about On Location

This exciting new accessory for the Feng Shui action movie roleplaying game includes two essential items: a piece of cardboard and a sheaf of paper. Do not be misled by the apparently humble nature of these objects. They are resources for the Feng Shui first edition RPG. The cardboard is a four-panel screen that keeps essential information at the GM's fingertips and hides all of their nefarious plans from prying eyes.

Likewise, the sheaf of paper is not just any paper. It contains locations to fight in. It's especially useful when your characters wind up in yet another tussle in a warehouse or back alley, and you can't figure out why this warehouse or back alley is any different from the last dozen you fought in.

On Location is out of print. It requires Feng Shui first edition to play.