Feng Shui: In Your Face Again

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A case of mistaken identity. The wrong bag of videotapes. Blood and circuses. An underground fighting circuit. A journey into Darkest Africa. A crotchety old ice cream vendor who happens to be a kung fu master. A fu-based super weapon. A child who can change the course of history at whim. And more.

In Your Face Again is a Feng Shui collection featuring a wide variety of scenarios, ranging from introductory adventures for players new to Feng Shui to stories that embroil the characters more deeply in the Secret War than they ever cared to go. The scenarios span the open junctures and the Netherworld, and include adversaries from most of the factions described in Feng Shui to date. Whether you're looking for inspiration for an ongoing campaign or simply don't have the time to create your own scenarios, In Your Face Again provides everything you need for months of Feng Shui entertainment.

Written by Mike Mearls / Anthony Botz / Darrin Bright / Loki Carbis / Jim Crocker / David Weber / Mark Kinney / Alex Knapik / Tom McGrenery