Feng Shui: Golden Comeback - The Silver Dragons Sourcebook

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New Fu for You!

Looking for an unexpected move to trip up this week's sneering Manchu general or arrogant gwailo gun thug? With new fu paths and new high level abilities for your old favorites, this book gives you more chops than Paul Bunyan's axe.

But it's not just about fu powers. Golden Comeback gives you conversion rules for everything from Escrima to Caporiea to good old boxing like the Marquess of Queensbury intended. And we haven't forgotten transformed animal shticks and crazed creature combos; that's right, you don't even need to be human!

But don't worry, because all you berserk, gun-fondling vigilantes aren't left out in the cold. This book has new gun shticks so that no matter how esoteric your enemies, a .45 slug to the trachea will still seriously cramp their style. Furthermore, techies and spies can finally get their moist palms on gadgets so high tech they make the Sharper Image look like a catalog of pointy sticks.

But that's not all. Not by a long shot. Golden Comeback also contains all-new, 100-proof rules for car chases, Hong Kong-style. It's got fight scenes like crazy. It's got new Arcanoware, it's got the Silver Dragons' history, it's got a passel of tricked-out allies.

Play Feng Shui? You gotta have this one.

Written by Greg Stolze / Bruce Baugh / Tim Dedopulos