Feng Shui: Four Bastards

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A callous orphanage attack . . .
. . . a gigantic conspiracy, crossing junctures and factions . . .
. . . and four fatherless men, each related to the others by blood.

Air, Earth, Fire, Wood, Water – the cornerstones of an abominable plot to control the world's chi. To stop it, our heroes must wage a kung-fu campaign across time, from modern-day Hong Kong to 1850s Canada to 2056 Containment Site DS4S. The missiles-flying, choppers-exploding, bullet-riddled climax brings them to Three Gorges Dam, a colossal structure that will divert the flow of the hallowed Yiangtze River. Can your players stop the nefarious plot of the Four Bastards?

Written by Robin D. Laws