Feng Shui 2: Hong Kong Task Force Double Eight

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HONG KONG TASK FORCE DOUBLE EIGHT is a low-priced starter product originally released in print as part of the limited Free RPG Day promotion and now available in PDF! With a full-length scenario set in Hong Kong and inspired by the Jackie Chan Police Story movies (among others), HKTF88 also includes quick-start rules, reference sheets, and ready-to-play archetypes.

Recruited as a member of Hong Kong's elite task force of vice cops assigned to cases ordinary police can't handle, you're about to see exactly why only the best of the best can handle the demonic and downright weird drug problems plaguing the city. Do you have what it takes? Is this but the start of a larger involvement in the Chi War? Or will you turn over your badge and walk away when it's done?

Hong Kong Task Force Double Eight was written by Filamena Young with quickstart rules and scenario development by Cam Banks, based on Robin D. Laws' Ennie-winning roleplaying game of Hong Kong action cinema, Feng Shui 2!

Written by Filamena Young