Feng Shui 2: Burning Shaolin Redux

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Corrupt eunuch officials undermine a once-great ruling dynasty.

A band of honorable warriors battles a demon sorcerer in a legendary mountain monastery . . . a demon in dire need of some kung fu butt kicking!

  • Pit your FS2 heroes against Burning Shaolin's demon monks, mushroom men, and flying coffins.
  • Or use its Pathfinder stats to introduce D20 diehards to the furious fun of the chi war.

Burning Shaolin Redux is a re-release of a classic Coriolis/d20 product that featured Feng Shui & d20 stats. Unlocked as a result of the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter, Atlas Games is thrilled to once again release this adventure by Feng Shui 2 creator Robin D. Laws to the ravening hordes.

Written by Robin D. Laws