Federation Commander Tactics Manual

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"The only test is combat; the only valid result is victory."
 – Admiral Ardak Kumerian, Commander of the Klingon Red Fleet

The Federation Commander Tactics Manual is designed to create better players. Building on your understanding of the rules, key topics are explored and advice is given on how to take advantage of your knowledge. The book includes both broad tactical principles and specific step-by-step techniques and procedures.

The Tactics Manual includes how to plan your battle (and stick to a plan), analysis of each weapon and each empire, special types of units (battleships, bases), terrain of all types, and maneuvers of all types and when to use each one. Subjects covered include: firing arcs, shields, energy allocation, targeting, special sensors, damage control, suicide shuttles, Marines, transporters, tractor beams, and everything else. This book also includes a compilation of all Tactical Notes published to date in Captain's Log through #48.

Written by Patrick J. Doyle