Federation Commander: North Polar Ship Card Pack

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Back in 2006, ADB decided to produce a ship card for Santa's Sleigh. This became an annual tradition and scenarios were created for the "ships." All these appeared in various Communiques until eventually we suddenly had 11 ships and 11 scenarios. We talked it over and decided to create counters for the ships. We gathered up all the ships and all the scenarios (all newly edited for this pack), and added the counters. Then we decided to give it away as a present to our customers. Happy Christmas!

Eleven Federation Commander ship cards for the North Pole, including:

  • Sleigh Cruiser
  • Star-class Strike Cruiser
  • Christmas Tree Heavy Cruiser
  • Candy Cane Light Cruiser
  • Candy Drop Commando Cruiser
  • Wreath Battle Station
  • Destroyer
  • Scout
  • Guided Weapon Destroyer
  • Snow-class Command Cruiser
  • Gingerbread Attack Cruiser

Each ship is presented in high resolution in both fleet scale and squadron scale.

The pack also includes the eleven North Polar scenarios that have been written to date.

"Star over Frallia" pits the Orions against the North Pole. "Santa Meets the Monster" is for any empire. "The Klingons Throw out the Wreath" features the Klingons attacking the North Pole's base. The Klingons try again in "How the Elves Rebuilt Christmas." The poor Klingons never learn from their failure as we find out "How the Klingons Stole the Christmas Trees." Finally, discover how "The Hydrans Meet Santa Claus."

All of the scenarios were written to feature at least one North Polar ship.

"Dismantle the Grinchy Base" pits the North Polar ships against auxiliary cruisers. In "Snowfall" the Kzintis are the antagonists. In "A Lonely Christmas" the Federation has some assistance from the North Polar Fleet as the Klingons try to ruin Christmas yet again. "North Polar Delivery" has the Klingons blockading a planet that the North Polar fleet intends to help. A trivideo is the basis for "'Twas the Nightmare before Christmas."