Federation Commander: Lost Empires Preview Ship Card Pack

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This package includes six ship cards from the future product Federation Commander: Lost Empires. While Lost Empires is not yet on the schedule, we wanted you to be able to play two of the empires it will contain.

This preview includes high resolution PDFs for the:

  • Carnivon Heavy Cruiser
  • Carnivon War Cruiser
  • Carnivon War Destroyer
  • Paravian Heavy Cruiser
  • Paravian War Cruiser
  • Paravian War Destroyer

Rules unique to the Paravians and Carnivons are included; Paravian Quantum Wave Torpedo and the Carnivons’ Disruptor Cannon, Death Bolts, and Heel Nippers are included in this title.

These ships are presented in high resolution. Also included are graphics for counters and the scenario Bird-Dog. Will the Carnivons be able to get to the sacred nesting sites of the Paravians?

When the product is released, this e-pack will receive the final cover, any edited rules will be updated, and any changes to ships will be reflected.

The pack is only available as an e-pack.